Blogging Sabbatical

In the absence of motivation and inspiration the words tend to dry up, then one simply can not join a few words to create beauty…

This has been my journey for the past few months. I had no strength to string a few sentences together in a bid to create a piece ‘worth’ blogging as I deemed myself not as good as I was before. Being accustomed to writing pieces which brought chuckles to my inner being as the inner man was satisfied with its thought process.

It however gets to a point where you miss it all together and you just want to write regardless of inspiration presence. You feel you have left a void in the blogging world and you just want to regain your rightful place. The urge to get back thus becomes inspiration enough for you to retain your place.

I have missed the art of blogging. I have missed the interaction and the love but most of all I have missed the liberation and freedom birthed by writing. I have  hungered enough for the exhilaration  of having my random thought process output materialize to a piece worth a few minutes to someone out there.

This marks the end of the blogging sabbatical.






You stare down the barrel

Life in all its forms has rejected you

What once was hope for a brighter tomorrow?

Has become surety for hell

Break or make, it bears no importance

As the grave beckons

You pray it be quick and painless

Yet it’s a slow and painful exercise.


A long road has suddenly become a short path

The pinnacle of the journey never reached

As it disappears into the Horizon

You can only imagine what the road ahead brings

For you know the next pit stop for reflection exists not.


Hanging by a thread,

You scream “I want more Time!!!”

“I won’t let go!!!” Death echoes back.

Heaven’s grace tries to bring you back to life

But in death’s grip you are firmly held

And they can never be escape.


Your worst nightmare embraces reality

Out of the shadows it reveals its true form

And retreating with the coming of dawn

Your soul is surrendered at Hell’s Gate

Bringing Hades to a celebration

For once again he has conquered Life.











And then they was talk of Ambition

The desire to excel under any circumstance

The realization of a vision long sort after

Dedication and Hard work the driving force

Focus and Passion, a guiding compass on this journey.


Soon After silence Followed

A kind of Calm that precedes a storm

And when graveyard silence was broken

Along came talk of challenges

Presenting themselves as lessons

Battles to be conquered and collectively

Bring fourth Life’s war Victory



Before the night drew to an end, we danced on Intimidation

Acknowledging that once ambition has been birthed

And challenges vanquished

The universe pays heed to your focus and passion

And feeling threatened by your hard work

Conversations of not being good are whispered in infinity

And rule time’s space


But because Ambition is the key

And passion fuels the drive to excel

You are unstoppable

And your struggle will be celebrated

Just like the sun shining brightly

After a storm has passed.


Footnote: The struggle is real, keep focus and never lose Ambition.





Healing Poetry v2

The Surgeon's Needle with which I bind my words.

Healing Poetry

The mind resonates
It wails for freedom
One opportunity
A chance to excel!

Contained within these walls
It is trapped in a endless cycle
This pain knows no bounds
To mind’s core tis felt

The heart pumps
Blood lively flows
Yet the spirit is dead
Buried in a unmarked grave
Its existence long forgotten

I stare into the light
All I can see is darkness
I am blinded by gloom
As I am dressed in despair
Hope wrenched from my hands
No identity or belonging
The future,
A flirting beauty

In these walls of confinement
I am constantly tormented by death
As it delays its arrival

A few words on paper
Sedate the pain coursing/searing through my veins
For a minute I am calmed
My senses are awakened to the brewing storm

The invasion is imminent
What I truly own, endangered
Haunted by ghosts past
This horror has no end in sight

Take these words from me
Drive my soul to extinction
Grant I pen and paper
And allow my healing to flow



S02E3: It’s All I’ve Ever Known

It’s is All I have ever known to cure this sickness in me…


poetritis nirvana

Ras Munroe:
Tears and pain,
Hunger and strife
Gloom and despair
Darkness and Anger
Loneliness and sadness
Fear and Hate
From the day of conception
It’s all i have ever known

And so I bid fair well to my hearts stairway
Take away my strife,
Take away my pain
Piano playing in the street I walk alone, with shabby feet
That’s all I have ever known

I can feel them in the heart of my feet.
Lovers’ roads I have walked.
I can still see their efforts to make me stay.
But they have never hurt like this one.
He asked me to marry him today.
But it’s time for me to go,
I never stay long.
It’s all I have ever known.

The vibrations on sandy soils were the only connections we had
The incommunicable kind only felt in the nakedness of eye contact

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