Letters and Words in Harmony


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We follow the story from Tanaka who blogs at here Never Ending ABC

“You made it my child; I am so proud of you. Sit down and eat”

Mona could see how proud grandmother was, it was written all over her face. The food was much better than she had imagined and definitely worth it. She thought this was her hardest lesson but grandmother had bigger plans for her it seemed.

“This is just the first test. Tomorrow we train again.”

She ate slowly and savored the food. In her mind what lies ahead was center stage. Mona’s curiosity of what lay ahead was at an all time high. For a while she thought time had stood still, the coming of the chilly night breeze assured her that indeed tomorrow was beckoning and so where the lessons in store.

She could not wait to go through this experience, her spirit carried with it a bounce of anticipation of what lay ahead. If she had just passed what she had thought to be the most difficult lesson her Grandmother’s words of more tests to come only served to set her mind on a roller coaster of fear-filled excited emotions of what lay ahead.  Mona could not explain these emotions gripping her, she could not help it but have a bewildered face with a beautiful smile as she starred into the fire in search of words to say.

A thousand plausible scenarios flooded her imagination, it was as if her brain had caught fire and spread as rapid as mid summer’s veld fire fueled by a powerful breeze of a creativity. The creative hubs of her imagination sprung to life and the food on her plate was forgotten neither could she hear her Grandmother calling out to her, “My Child! Mona! Mona! Mona!”

“This child is already day dreaming, the joys of being young. This may as well be the best decision I have made in this life”, her Grandmother spoke to herself and chuckled to the thought that Mona would prove to be Powerful beyond imagination. It was the chuckle that snapped Mona back to reality only to find her Grandmother’s face beaming with adoration. What she saw on her Grandmother’s face was the purest form of love that she had longed for the longest in her life and this brought tears to her eyes.

“Come now child, wipe the tears away and finish your food. You need the strength for tomorrow”, her Grandmother spoke to her in a soothing voice as she got up to prepare for the night.

The moon broke free of the clouds and the night became clear as day, it also dawned on Mona that all her Grandmother wanted for her was the best that could be possibly achieved.

“Grandma, I am sorry about my earlier behavior”, she said. “No need to apologize my child, I did the same when your Great-Great Grandmother started teaching me also. It is time now to say our prayers and head into dreamland. Add a few logs to the fire so they help fight the early morning cold.”

With no effort, Mona thought of adding logs onto the fire and before she could move towards the log pile, the fire sparked to life and she realized that new logs had already been added to the fire. Puzzled she looked at her Grandmother who nodded in approval.

 “It is only the beginning my child”, she said with a smile on her face and began the night prayers.

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