The Last Sighting Series…



It is said before all is lost, a glimpse of the impending end unveils itself and to but a few is it recognized.
While the majority chooses to ignore, the few ready themselves for what lies beyond the end…

What lies behind each end of a journey is known to those who understand that nothing lasts forever.

Note : This is a pure art of fiction. Events explored are not to be taken as reality (even if they bear resemblance to an event in time that you may have read or heard about)




The world descends into Chaos,

And along with it so goes senses

Madness reigns all over…

Destruction rears its ugly head

And as we brace for annihilation

We applaud an existence coming to an end

Just as we are about to explode to extinction

The mind is awakened to reality

this is just the beginning….

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