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There is something rewarding that comes with starting a day on a positive note. The very mind set that welcomes the day with gladness and joy births success for one’s day. It enables one to have a welcoming perspective to the challenges the day will bring fourth as one is in a better frame of mind to tackle all these challenges thrown at them.

On the other hand a negative day start may prove influential as it may serve as stimuli to the desire to excel thus transforming a negative to a positive ultimately bringing even greater joy and happiness to one’s soul. Everyone enjoys the exhilaration (high) that results from getting to win from a position of disadvantage. It is too sweet, trust me I know.

Thus on this day I hit the snooze button a million times in a bid to avoid the inevitable (waking up of course) till I realized how lucky and fortunate I am to see another day. The world lost an iconic star in Muhammed Ali (MHSRIP) and glowing tributes have followed suit from all corners of the world. As the saying goes ‘another is born as another dies’ I realize I have been offered a chance to rise to be iconic to the community I live in and bring hope to those who surround me.

I have embraced this day with positive vigour and as the hour hits midday it has been productive.



Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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