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I Hate Mornings


I remember when growing up my brother had his favourite (slight exaggeration) coffee mug depicting a certain character having a struggle to wake up. I am sure that it was a Monday morning when the artist came up with that artistic idea.

I do hate mornings but not for the so obvious reasons. Even if they bring a notion of a new start they just disturb one’s visit in the land of possibilities i.e dreamland. Let alone mornings disturb the peace brought upon the land by the night.

Sleep is nature’s own antidote to life’s pain and mornings nuke away all the comfort of forgetting about the pain birthing more problems on top of the already existing ones. No wonder when one dies they are purported to have rested better yet they are said to be at peace. No more morning disturbances for them.

Now you may say I am being a pessimist, wait until dawn messes up your perfect dream and the morning chuckles to your horror filled face in pure joy. Just wait and I know you will echo the same sentiments.

Last but not least (if I ever listed down why i hate mornings) mornings take me away from my sanctuary, The Bedroom and force me out to a cold world where we have become more selfish,  self absorbed, self obsessed to interact with beings forever stuck to their phones living a fake exciting life on social media.

It is another morning brace yourselves for drama as for me it is another day in my boring life. 8 am to 5 pm at my cubicle.

You can read some of my brother’s work here : Random Thoughts vs Emaciated Voice




Author: ras munroe

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2 thoughts on “I Hate Mornings

  1. I also hate mornings we all do..but its only when we are going through tough times and when all is not rosy. Think of some vacation time u might have loved every morning and hated the nights. I tell you night can be terrifying. You can ask those who are going through calamity. Every night is a scare for them.
    I like that point you said that morning makes us leave the comfort of our bedroom…the haven in bad times. Every day after i have finished all the work and i finally reach my bedroom knowing it is over i feel so happy,not because i want to sleep but just because now i am safely inside, blocking all the worry of the day…such a peace.


    • True that hey. Just that this morning I was having a great dream before the alarm clock reminded me it is time to wake up.
      I have had a fair share of nightmare myself and the mere thought of sleeping has brought only horror and the bedroom was a torture chamber for all I know.
      Thank you for your insight and for taking time to read my piece.

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