Letters and Words in Harmony

Random Thought Note…


How does one collate all his thoughts into one and derive meaning let alone wrap it with enough grey matter to make sense to a wide audience?
Does he sit and ponder whilst carefully and methodically picking words and finding a perfect spot for them in a web of phrases and sentences intertwined in reason?
Or does he just blubber around with a hope that his words will somehow bear resemblance of thought and hit a few perfect notes that appeal to his audiences cold hearts?
Maybe he drowns himself in sulphites and thus his mind brings to the fore that which resides in the darkest corners of his mind. In his drunken stupor he shall lay all bare and with the rising sun blame it all on the intoxication?

And here I am thinking to myself to be high and mighty trying to reason with self yet making no sense at all.

I guess I am just tired, the result of a 8-5 work shift in a cubicle gazing at a computer screen punching numbers and code for my financial slave master.

Here I go again trying to put up a lousy pathetic resemblance of a excuse for my failure to make sense…



Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

2 thoughts on “Random Thought Note…

  1. Oh no, no, no. I absolutely love your “lousy pathetic semblance “. It makes a lot of sense


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