Letters and Words in Harmony

And Once More The Sun Rises…

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The birds chirp at my window announcing the birth of a new day, they signal the impending sun rise a couple minutes away and thus serve as nature’s natural alarm.

For a moment I drift away held in awe by nature before I hear it! It quickly snaps me out of my temporary state of self absorption trying to connect with nature (or the little resemblance of it) in the early mornings. It can only be blaring car horns of the early morning traffic disturbing the peace.

It is just another ordinary day in the city where the poor man has to go and labour for sustenance, selling his time for meager earnings which barely last him till he gets his monthly ‘reward’ for a job well done.

And thus his day starts 8 to 5 he shall be imprisoned in a cubicle, chained to desk in exchange for paltry alms which he shall bring to his family to fill their empty bellies and cover their skin.

And so the sun rises, even faced with gloom a smile departs not from this poor man’s face neither does hope lack in his life. He embraces the day with glee as he realizes he still wakes and still lives.

With a smile on his face, sparkle in his eyes he embraces another day of life…



Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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