Blogging Sabbatical

In the absence of motivation and inspiration the words tend to dry up, then one simply can not join a few words to create beauty…

This has been my journey for the past few months. I had no strength to string a few sentences together in a bid to create a piece ‘worth’ blogging as I deemed myself not as good as I was before. Being accustomed to writing pieces which brought chuckles to my inner being as the inner man was satisfied with its thought process.

It however gets to a point where you miss it all together and you just want to write regardless of inspiration presence. You feel you have left a void in the blogging world and you just want to regain your rightful place. The urge to get back thus becomes inspiration enough for you to retain your place.

I have missed the art of blogging. I have missed the interaction and the love but most of all I have missed the liberation and freedom birthed by writing. I have  hungered enough for the exhilaration  of having my random thought process output materialize to a piece worth a few minutes to someone out there.

This marks the end of the blogging sabbatical.



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