Letters and Words in Harmony


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You stare down the barrel

Life in all its forms has rejected you

What once was hope for a brighter tomorrow?

Has become surety for hell

Break or make, it bears no importance

As the grave beckons

You pray it be quick and painless

Yet it’s a slow and painful exercise.


A long road has suddenly become a short path

The pinnacle of the journey never reached

As it disappears into the Horizon

You can only imagine what the road ahead brings

For you know the next pit stop for reflection exists not.


Hanging by a thread,

You scream “I want more Time!!!”

“I won’t let go!!!” Death echoes back.

Heaven’s grace tries to bring you back to life

But in death’s grip you are firmly held

And they can never be escape.


Your worst nightmare embraces reality

Out of the shadows it reveals its true form

And retreating with the coming of dawn

Your soul is surrendered at Hell’s Gate

Bringing Hades to a celebration

For once again he has conquered Life.









Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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