Letters and Words in Harmony


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And then they was talk of Ambition

The desire to excel under any circumstance

The realization of a vision long sort after

Dedication and Hard work the driving force

Focus and Passion, a guiding compass on this journey.


Soon After silence Followed

A kind of Calm that precedes a storm

And when graveyard silence was broken

Along came talk of challenges

Presenting themselves as lessons

Battles to be conquered and collectively

Bring fourth Life’s war Victory



Before the night drew to an end, we danced on Intimidation

Acknowledging that once ambition has been birthed

And challenges vanquished

The universe pays heed to your focus and passion

And feeling threatened by your hard work

Conversations of not being good are whispered in infinity

And rule time’s space


But because Ambition is the key

And passion fuels the drive to excel

You are unstoppable

And your struggle will be celebrated

Just like the sun shining brightly

After a storm has passed.


Footnote: The struggle is real, keep focus and never lose Ambition.






Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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