Healing Poetry v2

The Surgeon's Needle with which I bind my words.

Healing Poetry

The mind resonates
It wails for freedom
One opportunity
A chance to excel!

Contained within these walls
It is trapped in a endless cycle
This pain knows no bounds
To mind’s core tis felt

The heart pumps
Blood lively flows
Yet the spirit is dead
Buried in a unmarked grave
Its existence long forgotten

I stare into the light
All I can see is darkness
I am blinded by gloom
As I am dressed in despair
Hope wrenched from my hands
No identity or belonging
The future,
A flirting beauty

In these walls of confinement
I am constantly tormented by death
As it delays its arrival

A few words on paper
Sedate the pain coursing/searing through my veins
For a minute I am calmed
My senses are awakened to the brewing storm

The invasion is imminent
What I truly own, endangered
Haunted by ghosts past
This horror has no end in sight

Take these words from me
Drive my soul to extinction
Grant I pen and paper
And allow my healing to flow




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