Letters and Words in Harmony

S02E3: It’s All I’ve Ever Known

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It’s is All I have ever known to cure this sickness in me…


Poetritis Nirvana

Ras Munroe:
Tears and pain,
Hunger and strife
Gloom and despair
Darkness and Anger
Loneliness and sadness
Fear and Hate
From the day of conception
It’s all i have ever known

And so I bid fair well to my hearts stairway
Take away my strife,
Take away my pain
Piano playing in the street I walk alone, with shabby feet
That’s all I have ever known

I can feel them in the heart of my feet.
Lovers’ roads I have walked.
I can still see their efforts to make me stay.
But they have never hurt like this one.
He asked me to marry him today.
But it’s time for me to go,
I never stay long.
It’s all I have ever known.

The vibrations on sandy soils were the only connections we had
The incommunicable kind only felt in the nakedness of eye contact

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Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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