Letters and Words in Harmony

S02E02: My Whole Life Changed

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As if it would not get better it has just got gooder…
poetry with a meaning and poetry with a feel
Collaboetry… Poetritis Nirvana is where it’s at!!

Poetritis Nirvana

Young professional, reckless spending and drinking sprees
What do I toil for? All this tiresome drudgery
The girls ease the tension, what is misery
My aunt asked me who’s the one, and I snickered
Then some aunt brought forth to my gate luggage and an expectant
Jaws dropped, a life inside a life, my future wife, my whole life changed

As if it couldn’t get any worse
She screams she cursed
My phone she hurled smashed against the wall
Our child starts to cry at the realization of loud energies profound to a hearts misery
My whole life had changed

A. Mac:
That’s all I heard
What I saw caused a tsunami inside of me
The blood was everywhere like confetti
Red Blood on her hands
Her eyes weren’t hers anymore
He had unleashed the demon and it killed him
My whole life changed

What happens…

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Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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