Letters and Words in Harmony

S02E01: Chasing Fools Gold

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Humbled to be part of these great artists…
A brand new season, A brand new cast, Brand new excitement
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Poetritis Nirvana

They say only fools rush in, is that the reason why I’m doing this
They also tell me that not everything that glitters isn’t gold, so why am I pursuing this?
Chasing what I know I can never really obtain
Heaven told me to me to wait but waiting will drive me insane
The thrill of the chase versus the wisdom of patience
I chose the former cause my heart needed some sort of exhilarating cadence

The skies are blue
The sun has chased the moon away
I’m knee deep in sand
Nothing but glitter fills my hands
I’ve been up many moon-filled nights
Digging for your heart
Only to find I have been chasing fools gold

My heart pumps and bleeds
My tears gushes through the organ of sight
Wanting nothing to do with this body filled with adrenaline
Teeth gnashing through the struggle of the…

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Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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