The 21st Generation Curse

It hurts and pains to see the youth lose their way along the path of life as they struggle to come to the realization of their dreams. The distractions along the way are being propelled into their mind-sets by the moving pictures ever present in the family’s TV sets.

Will power has become a notion of the past for the pursuit of Knowledge has been replaced by the desire to be financially and materially above fellow peers through all means possible.

The pure pursuit of knowledge has been deemed unnecessary and washed down the gutters to join the sewage waste being reduced to a thing of no importance and irrelevance.

The painted picture in front of the youth from the ghetto speaks not of ‘Knowledge is Power’ neither does it preach self-realization from which we come to an understanding of what is of importance or not.

The essence of youth has been stolen from the 21st Century youth generation as the upholding of morals and values has been exchanged  for booze and drugs not to mention teenage pregnancies ravaging communities leaving in its trail a new generation breed born into despair and gloom.

There is surely no hope whatsoever and the curse will stand to rue the future generations unless it is broken by the return to innocence, purity and desire to be identified as a people who are not moved to disregard that which has stood the test of time over that which is foreign and does not identify with who we are as a strong, proud black people.

Unless we the youth identify with the norms and values of our fathers who honour mother earth and give reverence to the respect of one another and the respect of one’s self, we are a generation without a future.



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