Poetry, My Art, My Sickness, My Cure 2

I write not to run away from the realities of this world but to address the social injustices I am subjected to be part of each living day of my life…

I struggle and sweat to achieve my life’s end goal so I may face my grave smiling and a pat on my back for job well done

This life I live is on borrowed time as nothing is given freely. FREEBIES exist not in my world each day’s sustenance is a result of a broken back and cracked hands…
Life has you toil each day for a few pennies with which you seek to fill an empty belly at the expense of fulfilling your dreams…

In the zinc fence the pain is far-reaching
Dreams of a brighter future are shattered at birth as poverty welcomes each brave new soul which attains independence from the darkness of 9¬†months in the womb to face the light in the world…
It surely is the end of a dark tunnel only to be thrust into oblivion and nothingness.

The reality of life as we claim things are getting better the poor get poorer as the rich get richer widening the gulf of equality which we preach at each given opportunity as if it’s some life-giving/saving portion, sucking the substance of existence from our souls…

Humanity has spiralled down to age cannabilism which is camouflaged by the suits we don each day as we spread the gospel of equal rights and justice for all, a term applicable only to the elite class…

Equal rights and Justice for all yet we wallow in injustice as our rights are trampled upon with no respect or thought, this is the perfect life idealism that is pushed down my throat as ….

As i am made to believe that I have reached the pinnacle of life when the reality is my journey to self-realization hasn’t taken its first step in a bid to discover the true meaning of “self-realization!!!”

This is only a random thought generation process

@3as Mun3oe


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