A shocking revelation is that no matter how many warnings given to us in life, we as inquisitive beings tend to come short in heeding to these calls.

The one thing we are told not to meddle with is the very thing we thrust ourselves into despite all the flashing warning lights telling us not to engage. In eye’s plain view and simple terms the reality is it kills. And as it kills one it lays waste Communities, leaving in its wake a trail of disjointed families.

One tends to wonder whether people will have the courage and desire to be a generation that is purposed to be HIV/AIDS free. The motto reads “It begins with you”, you being me so that together we have collective responsibility in our communities in protecting it from disintegration. The one sure way to be on the safe side is and has always been “ABSTINENCE” and yes do Abstain.

Abstinence is the safety-pin with which we hold the bullet that is destructive in nature from being fired from the pandemic’s gun.

The most amazing discovery is that the subject is taken lightly in fun circles where partying and boozing is the order of the day. Most find avenues of laughter out of the topic signalling that even though awareness is rife practicality is a call for concern. Thus it becomes of paramount importance that  practise take centre stage in a bid to roll back the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Practise in this regard is not to try out the various readily available methods of protection against the disease but to engage “Abstinence”, faithfulness and Love for the human race least we are wiped off the surface of the earth.

» Abstinence is Key.



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