Why Do I Write???

It is said that after all has been said and done, words that one utters are the only things that truly remain ones property.

My words the brain child of the mind are to be left on paper as a reminder that they once lived a being who worshiped the simple art of joining letters to form words, words which were in turn  crafted into a sentence or  phrase offering a peek into my thought process.

Writing is a cure for a disease that has laid siege to my life of not truly belonging to any society in life, a remedy of an affliction born out of being a thinker, believer, truth seeker and knowledge seeker. They say you think therefore you are a result of your thoughts. My thoughts on paper like a mirror reflect unto me awarding a glimpse into my thought process. From the process the outputs enable me to know who I am.

Why do I write??? To let go of frustrations and let fly all thoughts in my head, to keep note of the results of the thought process forever at play churning out ideas reminiscing the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century. I write as I am inspired to write as from day one, Pen and Paper have been faithful companions, each stranger with a word of critique has brought with them motivation and strength to put in place in writing my story in my own words offering a glimpse into my world, the world of beauty words with a beauty meaning…


                                                                             BECAUSE IT’S LIBERATING

                                                                                              BECAUSE I AM INSPIRED TO WRITE




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