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A Angel Holding A Heart…

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simple angel heart

An Angel Holding A Heart

She looks ordinary

A girl child from the ghetto

Judge her at your own peril

Big dreams she carries

And hopes to achieve.

She understands that

Destiny and Fate are in her hands

Thus she is striving hard to write her own history

And not be judged by where she comes from,

The Ghetto, A place of despair and hopelessness

She holds her heart in her hands

Only mind’s eye can perceive

As she embodies an Angelic nature

She is an Angel from the heavens above

Sent to embrace the hearts of the World

And bring them love…

Yet in her hands she holds her own heart

It seeks one who will acknowledge its presence

And embracing it with love and care

Discover the true meaning of love and care

Her smile melts an ice stoned heart

As it carries the God’s blessings

She brings with her a calm and collected nature

The patience of the heavens,

To ease and soothe the trials and tribulations of this world

Blessed is one who gets to hold her heart
As love for him will be n abundance
He will never lack
Nor struggle to find meaning of love
For out of this angel he will receive it

She is an Angel holding her heart in her hands
Awaiting a mortal being to be in unison with her Angelic being
From which Hope, Care, Achievement and love will reside n Unison…

The Angel holding a heart in her hands
Lives by the name…


@ras munroe



Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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