Letters and Words in Harmony


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@ 23

I wish I could write you a life story of success and prosperity but the problem is life, never gives you what you want rather if you want something in life you must be willing to go through hard times to achieve your life’s desire.

Chance and opportunity happen to all in life the most important factor is to prepare yourself for the arrival of the chance and opportunity so that once it arrives you able to make use of the moment in time the gods have granted to you.

I thought by this time I will be living the life I wished to be when I was 18 but then again one thing is I never worked hard enough as I was in the comforts of home. And everything I wanted was provided at moment’s notice. I went to college in the comforts of being taken care of and I got to experience the rosy side of life but once I finished things changed and I didn’t expect the change to come knocking at my door at that moment in time. I write from foreign lands I never dreamnt of going to because in my life’s narration it was simple… Go to high school and then college and work in the industry where my passion thrives in but in anticipation you would have thought it will unfold in the expected way and manner…

Guess what??? Life never turns out in the way you expect it.

@ 23

I wish mum and dad were here, to see how far I have gone in life and be giving me direction in the life I live.

To guide and protect my soul in the life I lead far from home. Oh God I miss them so much why did you have to take them so early in my life? Guess you too busy attending to more far reaching issues than a heart wrecking question of a mere single mortal.

To grant unto me the full comforts of home getting to experience what it means to run home to Ma’s wisdom and understanding, to dwell in Pa’s strength and protection.

But I know from the heavens above they be watching over I, protecting me from all my friends as I watch my foes, guiding my steps as I keep taking life’s strides in search of achieving a fulfilling life. And now I have hit 23 yrs running and the count shall continue.


I have discovered loads about myself and what it means to be me, learning to appreciate each day as it comes and living it to the fullest. I have been through storms only to marvel at the beauty of the rainbow after each storm has passed. Stronger than before I have emerged from each battle I have fought, always looking forward to the next one.


I am still a work in progress as I desire to fulfil my life ambitions and face my grave smiling knowing fully that my name shall live forever as a legacy to be remembered by generations to come. I hope my death be easy for life has been hard.

This be the start of a new year I toast to life and success. To those who have gone before me watch over my soul from the heavens above.

To Jah be the praise!



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Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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