Letters and Words in Harmony

What If??

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What if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
Will you laugh at your own folly or allow your superstitious beliefs to spoil your day?
What if the sun never rises as usual will it be a signal of the end of the world

What if all you have ever loved turns out to slip from your grasp
And get swallowed up in the depths of nothingness
Will you find a new love or cease to pursue existence?

What if you woke up to realise all along you have been dreaming
Will you choose to go back to sleep or embrace a new beginning
If the nightmare you had last night turns out to be real?
Will it serve as a rude awakening
Or spell doom to an already haunted life?
And as each sun sets will sleep vanish from your mind

What if we stopped caring?
Would we by chance hurt less
Since it is from caring that hurt is born
What if we stopped loving?
Would we have stumbled upon the cure for broken hearts???

What if what you thought will never happen to you
Knocks at your front door
Will you accept its arrival
Or shut it out in denial
Even maybe wage war against it…
What if you realise you too old to achieve your dreams
Will you give up and face the grave in disappointment
Or redefine old as young and pursue the realization of your dreams
Thus embracing old age and looking forward to death with a smile

What if this is my last sentence
Would you applaud this as a great poem
Or discard it as the ramblings of a demented man
Which resemble no thought process?
What if this poem never ends?


An endless pool of thoughts bound to provoke your thought process….



Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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