Letters and Words in Harmony

If Tommorow starts without you

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If tommorow starts without you…
A dark day it will be
Devoid of all meaning and hope
For if a flower is cut before blooming
How are we to appreciate its beauty?
If you are not around to see the rising sun
And rejoice in its warmth
Its better the sun doesnt rise at all
For what it brings wont be fulfilling in the absence of your presence

I will cry a river,
Not out of sorrow only but of regret also
Regret over words unsaid and actions not taken
Tears from my soul I shall shed with each memory of you
Knowing fully a part of my existance has been priced away from my world
To exist only in memory never again in the physical

Tommorow is not bright in your absence
Thus tommorow must start with you
For if you say goodbye today
And exist not in the morrow
Cold and lonely it shall be in this world

If tomorow starts without you
I will try to live on in your absence
I will strive not to bid farewell to memories of you
And my hope will be that
You are in a better place Far away from the pains and struggles of this world…

Make use of each day’s opportunity to live,love and grow.


Author: ras munroe

I am passionate about me and bringing words to life...

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