The year draws to an end and in retrospective I discover I have come so close to achieving my goals for the year yet I am still far away from completing all of them. And instead of being all sad and being in a gloomy state I am actually quite happy and content with my achievements.



The year has drawn to an end without a proper relationship, rather it has been filled with short flings which have brought with them the joys of short-lived fun. I am glad that of all attractions which came knocking on my door from the inception of the year one has remained till this day.

The year has carved my heart open to the discovery of a “FATAL ATTRACTION” which its tentacles gripping over my soul however that attraction is pure “CLASSIFIED INTEL”.

surprisingly I still miss my ex with whom we broke up in 2012. I realise how much I loved her (and still do by the way) yet I did not give myself the comfortable luxury of acknowledging it in the fear of being left High nd Dry. I LOVE YOU IRY.


The year has proven who my real and true friends are, the kind that despite the differences we have amongst ourselves and the thousand miles keeping us apart we have stayed in touch and always on hand to assist each other when the need arises.

I have also been afforded the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world whom I hope we will visit each other in the next year. One such soul is a brother from the Kingdom of Swaziland.


It has been a struggle to identify myself with any religion for the more I have been reading, the more I have discovered that in all its forms its just a tool to suppress free thinking and channel one’s thoughts into blind obedience. Thus in that line of reasoning and thought i have been on a journey to rediscover the ways of my ancestors, the Kings and Queens of Africa.

Though some from the christianity community  will view this as “paganism” I desire to follow the Traditional norms and Cultural ways of my fore fathers in the coming year.

Still in part and parcel with religion I found it worthy to borrow from the Rasta movement their three tricky elements of Rasta Livity “‘PEACE, ‘LOVE’, ‘UNITY'” with which I have been trying to lead a simple life with a clear conscience.


This is the most straight forward affair REGGAE; RAGGAE; DANCEHALL have dominated my year in this category. From this genre of music i have benefitted immensely for with each song much has been taught, and in so doing has improved my perspective on life (esp social issues).



2014 has been a blessing and even though we fought and disagreed along the way just like an ordinary family, we managed to overcome lots of “Life’s Pressures” to emerge as a close-knit family unit. Distance may be keeping us far apart from each other for long periods of time our hearts are close and we thrive still under the set condition of distance. We may not get to celebrate the holidays together but wherever we are across the world we carry thoughts of each other in our hearts in abundance and the best wishes for a blessed festive season are being shared.

This is my 2014 story and I am sticking to it…



2 thoughts on “2014

  1. When all is said and dne,choices and decisions made we all nd peopl who wil stand by us and that i wil alwaez do 4 u.am sure ur ex stil has a soft sport 4 u 2.i wish u all the best in 2015


  2. Hmmm impressive your 2014 was quite remarkable and outstanding coz u were able to realise yr areas of life tht is superb.Hope 2015 will be your year of Great Favour the unspoken and un expected will locate u bro.God bless keep up the good work.


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