Thoughts of Yesterday

There is no chance,destiny nor fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined Soul

A goal once set drives energies towards the achievement and fulfillment of the deep desire,the hunger and thirst for success,for the realization of a dream, the transformation of that which was once thought into that which is tangible…

“I Have A Dream…” a Dream to make best out of myself,to make the best out of the little that I have to make great of my name though e balance of the world is greatly tilted against me and e dream I hold,I have that which belongs to me,that no one can take away from me and that is “Self Respect” and because I possess this no one can strip away my self dignity,no one can steal away my dream and no one can make a fool of what I envision myself to be in the next year,two or five years…

Striving for success,for perfection I have to understand that the road can never e easy but then in order to scale the mountains of happiness I need to put up with challenges knowing that,each that I go through makes me stronger and shapes up my character for tomorrow`s struggles and pains.At times I might feel as if I am all alone but somewhere in the world there is a person desiring that I be better than them,wishing that I scale up the heights they failed to reach when they could…

Success is not a one day story rather it is a collection of unique little stories enabling the realization of a goal greater than one`s self and show that the writing of success is done in blocks and is fortified by each story that comes before the next…

One can decide should his or her dream be shattered or be realized.Opportunity like chance happens to all but then man is master of his destiny,in his hands lies the power of change,in his hands lies the desire to be shattered and b broken down or stand up in defiance of stormy conditions,holding on till the sunlight breaks through the dark clouds and along with it comes the Calm….

In the race to conquer dreams ascertain one thing and that is “There is no chance,destiny nor fate that can hinder the firm resolve of a determined Soul.”Be alive and Live to take each day as it repays gains of yester`s struggles and assures us that you can become anything you want in this world…

Anything Is Possible,You Can Be That Which You Desire To Be…


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