Africa Torn Apart

The african social fabric has been senseless torn apart as technology leaps in bounds swallowing up the little humanity left to mankind, destroying the little flicker of the hope of tomorrow condemning the upcoming generation to doom.

Essence and value of traditions thrown out the window as cultural and moral decay make a grand entrance to be welcome by embraces and salutations from a generation which knows not that they welcome a stranger who will turn and bite them in their own motherland, an enemy who shall strip them of their african Kingship and Queens. We are the Queens and Kings of the motherland and are a lost generation which knows not how rich are the roots upon which we are founded on.

instead of burying our nose in pursuit of indigenous knowledge and preserve it for the future generations we have become ambassadors of ever-changing foreign norms and culture which places no importance to the elders of the community neither does it give them respect that they are entitled to in accordance with our African traditions rather they are to earn it as if it is some kind of trophy. We know not that these elders whom we despise so  much and deem backward are the source of all the knowledge, OUR AFRICAN KNOWLEDGE.

Media diversion has led us to be tittle contenders of perverse dealings in this battle of life and the leaders are of no help either as in their pursuit of fattened bellies we the millenia generation have paid the price for them to enable their flirtation with the vanity of filled bellies.Instead of them promoting awareness and grounding us in the African way of doing things they are the ones providing a platform from which the devil flirts with us through the legislature they pass which condemns our dance with evil to perverse ways of his foreign culture tearing to pieces our African pride,,, UBUNTU.

Each rising sun brings us closer to our doom rather than bringing us hope for change the break of dawn is another day for the devil to strip us of our dignity as we allow him another chance to dance with our lives and break the little african dignity left inside of us. The breaking dawn signified by the early morning rays filtering through the African kingdom represents gloom to the upholders and keepers of African pride for it brings with it further disintegration of the African Social and Moral Fabric. The coming of morning enables another leader to rise, suppress and oppress us with an illusion from which he feeds his unquenchable desire for a belly filled with bread and wine, further condemning us into the pit of perversion as his policies are populist and represent not the African Kingdom values.

We represent a lost people, a lost cause and in this war to preserve our African pride and honour we are already suffering massive casualties, for we have not the warriors to stand and defend Africa uplifting the motherland’s norms and culture, they have fallen to the way side and the strength in their bones is to only find the next fix for their fleshly desires.

Youth of today seek the path of the fore fathers and be filled with knowledge. Pursue not the perverse ways promoted and glorified by our populist leaders of today as they are only after Bread and Wine rather seek the preservation of African dignity, honour and pride for the future generations.




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