A Winter’s midnight dream

the manner in which some people come into our lives is indeed stranger and thus their presence imprints a lasting impression in our hearts which we carry for ever…

there be a dream that keeps us warm when the chilly nights and days reside with us, lighting the fire in our bones the anticipation of it sowing hope and faith in one’s life, yet when reality indeed strikes it just be a dream with no chance of becoming a reality.

my dream is in a world of poetry where I met Sophistication, an admirer of the world whose admiration of the subject is out of this world.Sophisticated but down to earth she is a poet. a poet who in my dream we are to explore this world where we met, to help each other along the poetic path exchanging pearls of wisdom and have our poetic roots deep-rooted enabling us to set a trend and a difference in this world.

in my pursuit of this dream I fell, fell for her innocence which brought life and warmth to a cold heart deceiving the mind to think beauty would be created. for before we met my desire to journey to the dreamland of Poetry was all but fading away, the passion and zeal to excel in poetry had been taken away. thus I thought if I could get to win her heart and love her, the embers in my heart will give birth to a bonfire of passion but, alas unknown to me she loved another. shattered but not broken I sought to go back to the foundation, in the world where we met from which my interaction with her was based upon that which brought us together…

for a while I stopped dreaming and faced reality for I feared the dream of sophistication world turn to a nightmare and fill me with horror. in my bid to stop dreaming sophisticated innocence haunted me at the back of my every thought thus I found it better to quicken the path to dreams from where I knew we will meet and embark on a poetic journey as co-authors for she brought my passion and desire back challenging me to engage myself with pen and paper.

i got myself dreaming again and sooner than later our paths crossed but unknown to me embarking on this journey with her, had one for her heart unsettled, unsecure and unsure of his importance and role in her life. Unknown to him he was loved, I attest to that. in my bid not to spoil that which was good I decided to step away for good and let go of this dream.

72 hours have since passed, I wish to forget but forgetting that one dream which has brought about revival is a treacherous route to embark on for it leads back to the cold and shattering of dreams cementing nightmares in one’s life. fear of returning nightmares has gripped my soul, I wish her not to be cast out of my memories neither do I want this dream to depart my winter’s night.

Sophisticated innocence depart not from me life, innocent sophistication lets journey together to the world of beautiful crafted words telling a story… the world of POETRY..

#I wish not this dream to end.


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