The Curse of the Prodigal Son

Brandy~ Human

He is not of the biblical nature although he was lost.In being lost he took neither dime nor beast he just wandered into the world being only a lone human being.He so desired to be the family`s pride,so wanted to be the one the family adored and looked up to,just to be the role model of those to follow after him.All he wanted was us to run to him wen despair hit and protect us just like a hen protecting its young from the preying eyes and claws of the Eagle.But come to think of it this will only remain a wish unless…

He was born out of wedlock,a child of impulse left to be raised in his mother`s care,his was the duplicate case of a great Zulu warrior uShaka and without the firm guiding hand of a father he was no tale of success neither will he conquer and place many territories under him.This will remain only a bucketful of ifs,unless…

He has the passion and the desire to excel,only love lacks.The kind of love that is tough yet brings about decisiveness,a manly nature.he is tough and determined to be more than what he is only to realize that he does not have the means.The means which ultimately are a platform from which he leaps to success.All this will remain a summer midnight`s dream unless…

UNLESS he is loved,UNLESS he is nurtured to grow and be the man he so desires to be…

UNLESS the black cloth covering him is completely removed,for black is associated with EVIL and now they think he is EVIL because of this cloth that his family is wrapping him in.He is but a child like those born in wedlock but ABOVE ALL…



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